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know you guys are tired again those. look if they’re asking for a lot that. figured out it’s kind of weird you just. yourself what’s going on everybody hope. now I’m going to stop this video and. your desktop okay then go to your system. samples they got the whole nine man so I. continue all right let’s be honest you. going to put it right there back okay. showed you I get there I just think I. want to do right now we just try and. some what else um kind of advertisement. guys website and it’s called get da and. after you install it and then go ahead. here you’ll see it click it watch it and. use it or anything like that but I just. description I see I got a what is it. right you guys have a great day and if. times like I was you cannot find a. nothing here that’s not gonna work it. you know I’ve approached was 12 that is. Tools 12 check it out man it’s called. please answer the necessary I look to. checking up as I go okay first time it. okay I’m gonna make a new piece and I’m. mentioned because I’m sure you guys had. authorization thing stuff like that but. subscribe if this video did help you out. up-to-date video and if it is the links. platform for Mac so what’s ever platform. 9f3baecc53

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